Sunday, 21 October 2012

Daughter of Evil (Velvet mix)

Daughta of evil. Booya. Ok, this song is OK, but I do have some issues. First of all, I think it's annoying how in the beginning, the little laugh thing. Second, this song made me cry DX. I can't beleive I'm actually doing a cover...Alright, well, there are also some problems in this cover. In the beginning, when I got the kareoke, it's all instrumental, except for that beginning laughing part. So, basically, bin the beginning, you'll hear Zenya AND Rin HOHOHOing or whatever. Also, there are some time issues, cuz the UST's timing was a bit screwed and I had to do some editing. It's better, but still. The Harmony and the main's timing got screwed specifically, so I lowered the volume of the Harmony, so it the two voices didn't clash so much. But don't worry, the harmony is still noticable. This is my first time using the TIPS.exe thingy or whatever, and I think it turned out OK. If you can, tell in the comments or whatever how I did. I NEED AS MUCH ADVICE AS POISSBLE,OR THIS NOOBS GETTING NOWHERE! Song suggestions are also appreciated too. Enough rambling, just here it his:


  1. you shuld record w/a better quality mic for a less muffled result. it'll help~

    1. I knows, I knows, but this is the only mic I have. I can try and redo the recordings, but we all know I'm too lazy for that. Anyway, I'll try.

    2. teh shame, man, don't be lazy. haha, you should get a better mic then, or get a better recording program, I don't think so though. U record w/Audacity right? if you do, keep it that way, so if u do record w/Audacity, ur mic is screwed.