Friday, 26 October 2012


Ok, so I finished the vocals for Remote Control, and they aren't that bad. The problem is, I NEED THE OFF VOCAL! Man...I just can not find the off vocal! Everyone says you have to buy it or something, well, I'm not paying 99 cents just for some stupid off vocal! I mean, the actual vocals might have even been considered good, but now it's wasted because I don't have the frigging off vocal. And what's with the "I don't want you posting the off vocal on youtube or nico". Why not? Would it seriously kill them if someone posted it? Whatever. Life is just screwed like that. Oh well. Well, this I'm already rambling, I'm saying that my next cover will be Mr.Taxi, orginally by Girls Generation. We'll see when I post that, I still need the off vocal, and it better not be impossible to find this time.

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  1. i dl the off-vocals off YT, but it's not the one that u buy and it's not the best, I could send it to u.