Sunday, 21 October 2012


OMG OMG OMG!!!! For those of you who want this crappy UTAU, here is her voicebank!:

You guys can fix her up a little. She needs a bit work, so be my guest. It takes awhile to get used to her, I guess. It also takes awhile to find a decent song she can sing. But when you do, it sounds awesome. Feel free to use her for anything you want, I don't care.

If you want the best quality out of Zenya/Zen, read the following:
Note: You can use her normally, if you want, but be warned: She sounds mannish, or at least, has a pretty deep voice normally. I usually use a flag when using her (t3-t5) and I recommend you do too. Her gender-bent version, Zen, is the same. Of course, you could use no flag when using him, as Zenya already sounds deep on her own, or you could use a flag like me ( g+1-g+3). When using Zen, please don't go above g+3 or whatever, or else he sounds too deep. Zen and Zenya both sound a little robotic, so I advise that before you make any song, hit ctrl+a and click the little "acpt" and "p2p3" (the first 2 red and blue line things in the top right) to make them sound a bit more human, if you get what I mean. Their vocal ranges, I'm not sure of. Zen can do pretty much anything within the C's, but for Zenya, don't go below C3 or she sounds just...weird. In my opinion, at least.Zen and Zenya sound best using the TIPS.exe thing, or at least as far as I know ZEN AND ZENYA CAN ONLY SING IN ROMAJI! Derp :p

Well, that's it. Please Enjoy Zenya and Zen with much love and care! :D (Note: About Zen, you can use him, yet I don't even know what he looks like yet :p He 's a gender-bent version of Zenya, so yea. Feel free to make him as you like. I'm still looking for suggestions on how he will look)

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