Sunday, 25 November 2012


Heehee. So I covered this. Well, I think it's pro. Zenya should be more or less muffled. So, Miki=Zenya, Hisui= Kaito (I know Hisui isn't a dude, but I just felt like using her). Really pro. There shouldn't be any more problems with the notes, I fixed that. So, speaking of which, I'll update Zenya's voicebank soon. or rather, i already updated it, but I just need to post it.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Abstract Nonsense

So, since this song is kind of about bullying, well, part of it is, and bullying week is coming up, I decided to post it. I kind of like it. Though the quality is crappy. But I guess the only thing that matters is the music! Though Zenya missed a couple notes in the song, but its alright. Its either the ust makers fault, or the utau program. But don't blame Zenya.

Top Secret

I knew I was going to do this song! It took awhile to upload it onto my computer though, because it was stuck at 99%, but heys, I got it

Saturday, 10 November 2012


FINALLY! IT'S DONE! I've been waiting SO long to post this, and it's finally here. It's been through a LOT of edits and crap, but it's finally here:

VB Act 1.2

Thats right! I updated my voicebank :D! Hooray! I fixed the silences and stuff, and also aliased it. I hope this is better than the last one...It was all muffled, so I deleted the silences. I aliased it, so now Zenya can sing Hiragana or Romaji! Yay :D! I also got a .rar opener, so now I'm pretty much invincable. Anyway, here's the link:

Enjoy! :D
(Flags stay the same as normal, except for Zenya, you might want to add g-6,H0,and BRE0 flags. It makes her sound better, more or less.


YAAAAY! I haven't posted in awhile...but now I am. In this song, I used Zenya's Act 1.2 (Yea, I fixed the silences. Upcoming songs include:
Cyber thunder Cider
Black Rock Shooter
Romeo and Cinderella
Top Secret.

Well, that's enough. Enojy:

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Catching Up

Heheh, so, I guess I haven't updated in awhile, but whatever. Doesn't mean I'm doing nothing though. I'm working on the 1925 ust (I'm converting), and Mr. Taxi and Remote Control are yet to come. I also have a lot of songs on hold, and I'm a bit reluctant to upload some of them, but...whatever.