Thursday, 7 February 2013


UST by AsterSelene

Welp, I seemed to have failed the picture. Hey, i only had that touch pad thing on the laptop to use to make this picture. So, the picture was someone else's:
Yeah, I used Zenya by herself for once, just to help a bit, to y'know, to get more views and stuff. All I did was the mixing and the "feat. Hima Zenya" thing in the picture. derp.
I still think that the harmony sounds like Hisui singing, I dunno why tho cuz I used Zenya... Y... :'(
Originally sung by Kagamine Rin
Music by PowaPowaP
Vocals by Hima Zenya ACT 2.1

DAMN, this awesome shit is catchy. /shot/ (the song Q, I mean)

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