Sunday, 7 July 2013

Daichi Masuta

Zenya's making this new UTAU and it's a dude. And she said, "UHG! That's why it's so hard making dude's voicebank when you're a girl =_=" It's still in progress, but I thought she should write something about him.
Name: Daichi Masuta
Hiragana: マスタ 大地
Katana: マスタ ダイチ
Meaning: マスタ (Masuta) - Master
               大地 (Daichi) - Earth
Type: UTAUloid
Model: None
Gender: Male
Voice range: D#3~A#4
Voice frequency: G#3
Related Characters: Zenya Hima (duet partner, friend), Hisui Utsukushi (friend), Hisuo Utsukushi (friend)
Age: 18
Genre: Jazz, Rock
Character item: Gun
Character colour: Navy Blue
Height: 180 cm
Birthday: September 25th
Date Created: July 6th
Release Date: UNKNOWN
ACT 1: ?
ACT 2: ?
ACT 3: ?
Signature song: None
Personality: Daichi's an arrogant and selfish. He detests happy-go-lucky people and he likes to troll with people, especially chicks. He's ambitious and he's a bit weird and sees things in a "unique" way. 

Hair colour: Blond
Eye colour: Red
Head gear: A police hat
Headphones: White, illuminated by blue light

  • Daichi's partially based off of Ryotaro Dojima

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